Out On A Limb

On 9 January I was hit with the news that my Indie publisher is closing down.  I waited for that awful feeling of dread to pound down on me but was pleasantly surprised when it didn’t.

So here’s why I think I didn’t implode:

The two books I currently have with my publisher will just have to be relaunched.  And maybe this time I’ll even venture into print-on-demand while I’m at it rather than only having them available as ebooks.  I've been considering doing a rewrite of Six Dead Men [SDM] for the longest time as it is.  This means I just have to do it sooner than planned.  

I’m a whole lot more savvy than I was when I published SDM.  In any case, that was a reaction to my dad dying and me feeling I needed to do something positive to follow such a devastating emotional blow.

So now I’m working on the following projects:

Project I

Editing and reshaping Sharp Dark Things [SDT]. - I’ve been wanting to dig out this major opus and send it off to The Literary Consultancy since forever.  

I think this might just be the universe telling me to get on with it.  I’ve been sitting on this book long enough.  Okay, so before I didn’t have the cash to send it to them but now I do.  So time to get on with it. 



Then there are all those amazing drawings Sarah Pennock did to go with my SDT words.  I’ve surely got to do something with those.  Still musing on that one though.

Project II

Am working on a sequel to The Lonely Dragon [TLD].  I’m calling it The Witch Adoption Project and naturally it follows on from the events which occur in TLD but not in the way you might expect.

Project III

When Rainbows Cry [WRC] - this is a sequel to my science fiction novel Where Rainbows Hide [WRH].  It is in 2nd draft stage and I’m currently posting it on Wattpad and receiving positive comments.  

I’m also considering reposting WRH on Wattpad until such time as I can find an alternative indie publisher or another publishing opportunity comes along.

Project IV

Palindrome - the prequel to Six Dead Men [SDM].  It’s a short novel but I want it to be just so before it goes into the world.

So, that's where I'm at.

But one of my main problems is I’m incredibly impatient.  Reviewing and editing my books has been gradually teaching me the art of patience.  Sometimes that Impatience Demon hops on my back and I have to start working on myself all over again. Then I remind myself that in order to get the golden apple at the end of the branch I might have to step into the unknown.

Besides, I want my work to be the best it possibly can be.  I don’t think this is procrastination.  I simply want to get it right.  So I’m going to finish the projects I started last year and hone the ones which need it.  After all, isn’t that what writing’s all about – learning and perfecting the art?

Let's see where 2016 will take me.


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