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Sharp Dark Things VI – Prince Elumin

Sarah has confessed to me that she finds this character particularly alluring. 

Personally I think he's pretty damn sexy and she's certainly drawn him that way. But that's just me.

Imagine fancying your own character. I'm utterly shameless.

Elumin is Commander in Chief of Faetaera's Elnight Force and Aurelia's husband. He came into Aurelia's life shortly after her father died and was instrumental in securing a victory for the ruling house
He loves Aurelia deeply but is threatened by Larell's quiet dedication to her. He shows this in subtle ways.

"While the Senex assembled, Elumin sat with his arms languidly draped along the engraved armrests of his throne. Now his left arm moved minutely as he trailed a slim forefinger along the length of the throne arm. The design carved into the dragon ivory no longer resembled the other armrest. Eyes pinned on Larell, he spoke.
“Larell, your initial investigation suggests beings are sprouting which seem at first glance to be a part of our world but on closer inspection are not.”
Larell's eyes flicked to the altered tracery on the throne. “Yes Sire. As it says in my report.”
Elumin jabbed at the armrest with a long forefinger. A dent appeared, marring the new carving. “Summarise it for us.”
Shifting his position, Larell drew in a steadying breath. “Outwardly they seem like us, but their vibrations do not resonate in the same way. They have what can only be described as episodes of fragmentation. Their behaviour is more reminiscent of the world we do not like to name.”
Larell's eyes drifted back to the arm of Elumin's throne. The little hollow had been replaced by a leaf design.
Always the use of these subtle methods to assert his power and authority over me. Does he not weary of them
© Rae Stoltenkamp

While Elumin loves Aurelia he does not fully understand her. He believes he knows who she is.

"You do know Lac Taal is completely infatuated with you?” Elumin looked over at Aurelia as they walked towards their private gardens.
“Of course I do. It makes him work harder to please me. Why do you think I addressed him directly?”
Elumin trailed his finger along Aurelia’s arm before linking his fingers with hers. “It was your cruelty which first attracted me to you, you know.”
As Aurelia tilted her head and looked up at him she was careful not to change the expression on her face. Her heart ached because he thought her cruel.
© Rae Stoltenkamp

But ultimately, he would lay down his life to secure Aurelia's future as Queen. And when the situation in Faetaera demands action, he readily takes responsibility for his role as co-ruler.

His character goes through a transition during the course of the novel as he realises that his jealousy of Larell is completely unnecessary. He also faces up to the fact that he has been complacent in both his leadership role and the support which Aurelia needs from him.

With grateful thanks to Sarah Pennock for all the drawings in this and subsequent blogs.

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