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Ever wondered what writers get up to when they’re not writing? Well my passions have always centred round reading and dancing. But I have several others I indulge on occasion. I’ve always loved drawing and painting. I took an Art GCSE and my very first holiday in the UK was a painting one in Scotland. It was the first time I’d ever used any other medium besides pencil and watercolour. And it was liberating.

For many years, whenever I went on holiday I’d take a travel set of watercolours and paint postcards for people. I haven’t done that in far too long and am thinking of starting again. I take endless photos though and spend ages deleting and editing till I’m happy they’re worthy to post on Facebook which has been my online photo album for years now.

On one trip back to South Africa to visit dad, his girlfriend taught me the rudiments of jewellery making. I made several pieces for myself and friends over the years but now mainly use my tools for repairs rather than making.

Recently I’ve been feeling a need to return to drawing and making. I’ve always had a desire to create stained glass and have done several projects for the house in a very cheaty manner i.e. self-adhesive lead and glass paints. With this method I created a panel for my front door. Now though, I’m having a go at the real thing. Yes, the actual cutting of the glass and everything. If you follow me on Facebook I’m sure you’ve seen the videos and pictures I’ve been posting. As part of a course at a local college I’m required to document my work process so it’s amazing to see the weekly progress. It’s happening a great deal faster than I thought it would.

The great thing about an artistic endeavour other than writing is how absorbing it can be. The exacting nature of creating gives it a meditative quality. Alongside this is an enormous sense of achievement once a final product exists. I had forgotten how satisfying that is. Getting back into all things arty has replenished creativity which I hadn't even realised was running low. So I plan to ensure that doesn't happen again. I’m currently scouting out other creative opportunities. Who knows where my next undertaking will lead. I'll be sure to let you know.

My completed panel


  1. The Panel looks beautiful. You are SO clever!

    1. Aah, bless you. Not so much a case of cleverness. The teacher was there to assist me all the way.


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