Fighting Talk Update

The Witch Adoption Project, the cheeky little fantasy upstart won the battle of the genres. Scifi fans were just not fast enough with their trigger fingers to topple this young lady from her perch on high. She will now be the WIP I work on for next year once Palindrome is published this summer.

The main battle was fought on my Facebook page and she won by 31 votes. Here is her successful plea to the public. As you can see, she shamelessly used her youth to pull the voters in.

Hi there
My name is THE WITCH ADOPTION PROJECT and I'm a WIP sitting in a folder on Rae's laptop. I want more out of life. I don't want to stay a draft forever more. I want to be published.

So I'm appealing to you dear followers to support my cause and vote for me. Yes I'm young. Yes I'm precocious. But age is only good for wine and cheese. I'm neither.
The rest is now up to you. You know what you have to do.

The Witch Adoption Project is the sequel to my fantasy novel The Lonely Dragon for ages 8 and upwards. You don’t have to be a kid to enjoy a good fairy tale you know. I very much look forward to working on this WIP as of August and am sure she’ll give me as much lip as she’s given the voters.


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