In The Works: Part 2

When Rainbows Dare [WRD] is the final book in The Rainbow Quest Series of Science Fiction for young adults.  The series is set in an environmentally fragile domed London of the future.  People with limited resources are forced to remain in the Dome unless they can find another way to get off planet. Wealthier denizens rely on artificial intelligence to cater to their every need and prefer living off-world.

In Where Rainbows Hide [WRH], Book 1 in the series, people use genetically engineered chimpanzees (Gen-chimps) to do menial tasks. As is often the case, these Gen-chimps have little rights and suffer constant abuses. A small group escape and set up a resistance movement. So we meet 19 year old Neera Luxquaera who inadvertently becomes embroiled in the resistance when she finds employment on-board a shuttle heading out on an expedition beyond her Domed world.   On-board she meets Chi, a genetically engineered chimpanzee who has managed to move beyond the confines of domestic slavery and Zaq, a child genius who appears more mad-scientist than juvenile.  In this last ditch attempt to find her niche in a fractured world Neera discovers there is more than just gold at the end of the holographic rainbow.

When Rainbows Cry [WRC] is the second book in the series and takes place 80 years after WRH. It tells the story of 14 year old Petra Sucher. Frustrated with the demands her parents place on her as unpaid babysitter for her 4 year old twin brothers, she does what every teenager would in this situation – conducts illicit activities. These lead her on a cross-dimensional adventure with an octogenarian (one of the characters from WRH) and a genetically engineered chimpanzee in tow.  Petra’s shyest twin brother is sucked into the adventure and she is forced to acknowledge that family ties mean more to her than she cares to admit.

Now we finally come to the book bidding for your vote: When Rainbows Dare. The plot of this final novel revolves around several characters from WRC. The focus centres on Petra’s twin brothers, several Gen-chimp younglings, and a cameo or two of characters from WRH and WRC. The twins and Gen-chimps are now teenagers coping with raging hormones and all the angst that brings with it. To top it all off they are engaged in the fight of their lives to ensure the survival of their city and others like it. Towards the end of WRC several characters were tasked with a mission to assist the recovery of the remaining domed cities on earth. Can the youth of the future put aside their differences and curtail their burgeoning love lives to save their worlds?

Now it's decision time: The Witch Adoption Project or When Rainbows Dare

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