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#Review: A Touch of Magic by Lisa M White

5 Stars for story concept
3 Stars for execution

This book was a tonic which helped pull me out of the glums I was feeling after having recently read two overly prophetic books about current society.

It tells the tale of isolated plastic surgeon Jessie Inglewood whose pride and prejudice regarding her profession and practitioners of natural medicine lands her in turbulent waters. With the help of the mysterious Angel and a bit of magic she comes to see the error of her closed off mind.

An easy read, the style is relaxed but plays with ideas of thwarted romance giving us two leading men in the form of heart surgeon Dr Bergh and naturopath Adam Newfield. Which one of these men will claim Jessie’s heart and lead her to happiness? The plot also touches on the consequences of bereavement.

There were moments when I didn’t really believe the dialogue but that did not take away from my enjoyment of the content. It was also a little too obvious who Jessie would end up with ultimately and that aspect of the story could possibly have been more disguised with a few red herrings.

I was however disappointed the author chose not to explore the threat of Jessie’s disbarment from the medical profession. None of this conflict is present in the book. This is a shame as it would have added an extra dimension to the plot. Nor do we discover how Jessie reconnects with her true love.

Ultimately this is a book to help ease the stresses of a hard day and certainly does that. I would however have liked there to be a bit more of it.

Lisa M White


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