In The Works: Part 1

The main task for the start of this year is to complete the final edit of Palindrome. My aim remains to publish this prequel to Six Dead Men in the Summer. Once this is done there are several projects I could be working on for next year and beyond. But which one should be my main focus for 2019?

Help me out dear readers!  Please vote for the book you’d most like me to work on for publication in 2019. The hopeful contenders are:

The Witch Adoption Project
When Rainbows Dare

This week’s post will state the case for The Witch Adoption Project. It is the sequel to The Lonely Dragon [TLD] and continues the tale of Clarissa, Bruberon & Kastaspella. While TLD was set mainly in Bruberon’s homeland, this story centres on Clarissa’s life now that Jocasta Spellatrix (aka Kastaspella) has become a member of Clarissa's family. It is a coming of age story which also focuses on the trials and tribulations of a young girl forced into the care system by tragic circumstances. But first you will need to know how The Lonely Dragon ended.

Extract from The Lonely Dragon

Clarissa had tidied the bathroom after using it.  Jocasta made sure she left everything as messy as possible and giggled to herself before going to the kitchen.

Horatio Henry turned round from the cooker as he heard Jocasta's usual rumble through the house and down the stairs.  “Jocasta Spellatrix, you go back up to that bathroom this minute and clean it up!”

Jocasta stood in the doorway pouting and balling her hands into fists.  Her face began to look like a tomato.

“Kas.”  Mr Henry's voice dropped a level as he walked towards her, spatula in one hand.  With a gentle hand on her shoulder he swivelled her round to face the stairs.  “It's a simple equation.  One messy bathroom equals no pancakes for you.”  Then he kissed the top of her head and gave her a gentle shove.

Kas walked back up the stairs as though she was under a spell.  She touched the top of her head.  Then looked at her hand.  She could swear that she saw a golden glow sitting there from the kiss.  Jinx swished passed her.

Back in the kitchen Clarissa jumped out of her chair.  She hugged her apron wearing dad hard.  “I love you dad!”

He hugged her back.  “Love you too kiddo.”  Then went back to making pancakes.  “We're going to keep her no matter how hard she tries to makes us hate her right?”

“Right!”  said Clarissa as she spooned more blueberry sauce over a pancake.

Jinx did some cat yoga in a patch of sunlight on the kitchen floor then flopped down contentedly. Clarissa winked at him and he winked back.  Snookie, her mixed breed terrier, came in through the dog flap and flopped down back to back with Jinx in the patch of sunlight.

Clarissa stabbed a bit of pancake, swivelled it round her plate to mop up blueberry juice and popped it into her mouth. She closed her eyes as she chewed and smiled contentedly.

Next week I’ll present the case for When Rainbows Dare then the voting can begin.


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