#Review: Eric

Eric by Terry Pratchett

Finally another episode involving Rincewind. Like the Librarian, I was wondering where he’d got to after his shenanigans in Sourcery. And of course, wherever Rincewind goes there too must go The Luggage. I was pleased to see it had more or less got over its bout of lovesickness. But understandably, as with anyone spurned in love, it seems a tad more cantankerous. 

Surprisingly our young hero or anti-hero Eric, while his name is proudly sprawled across the front cover of this book, doesn’t actually do very much at all apart from be an annoying teenager.  And worse than that, he’s only mildly annoying. Rincewind plays a major role while constantly doing his best to run away or hide in the shadows as is his wont. 

Nothing really grabbed my attention in this Pratchett offering. The ending felt rather rushed and lacked the meatiness that many of his other writing has. I’m waiting with anticipation for the later books in the series and hoping they provide more bang for their buck.


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