#Review: Sourcery

Sourcery by Terry Pratchett

You may remember that earlier this year I decided on the insane challenge to read every single Pratchett ever written. To ease myself into the task I’ve started with the Disc World series and am currently on book 6.  That obviously means I’ve finished book 5 so here’s my review of it.

This latest Terry Pratchett instalment finds us back with the hopeless wizard Rincewind. And of course, The Luggage makes a welcome return too. I confess I’m very fond of this particular travel accessory in the Disc World series and am always keen to know where it will shift its loyalty to next. I was not disappointed as it fell in love with the delectable Conina and then suffered greatly when she spurned it.

The plot revolves around the fact that the 8th son of a wizard is in fact a sourcerer. A particular wizard, not keen to submit to the rules of Death, decides to use the fact he has an 8th son to his advantage. And so the mayhem ensues.

The Disc world and the library of Unseen University are in desperate danger.  The only person left to step in and save them is Rincewind. Yes, I wasn’t hopeful either. But at least he had the help of Conina, the Librarian and a reptile formally known as The Patrician.  So naturally all would be well.

Despite all the promise of frantic antics to come, I was a little under whelmed by Sourcery. I didn’t get the usual set of laughs I’ve come to expect from a Pratchett novel and while I relished the episodes involving the Librarian and the magical books, I was left wanting more. It’s just as well I’ve got Wyrd Sisters to move on to next.


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