Happy Birthday Me

It's that time of year again. I love celebrating my birthday and have never placed much store in chronological age. I'm as old as I care to feel. My annual birthday list has become a bit of a feature, particularly on my Facebook page. But this year, as I’m celebrating a significant birthday – half a century – I thought I’d up the ante and ask for things I really really want.
For some of you who’ve been following the blog for some time now, you may recognise a theme and also see a recurrence of past sort after gifting ideas.

Firstly, buying and reviewing any of my books is always a terrific present to give me.  I am after all a self-published writer and every sale increases my current single figure royalty total.

Secondly, as can be seen from my pre-birthday 2014 post, the humble gift voucher still remains a firm favourite for me.  And I feel will remain so until the day I’m packed off in my fully recyclable coffin.

Next. I’m also not averse to the idea of cold hard cash.  It does of course do what it says on its plastic coated, hopefully soon to be fully vegetarian paper and comes in very handy indeed.

As with all my wish lists I like to include things which are almost entirely impractical.  These wants have not changed much since my February 2015 post but I think that with age and wisdom I’m becoming a little more of a realist so would also like to add the following:

  • Watching endless reruns of Timothy Olyphant striding off into the distance in Justified. It is a visual delight and I cannot stress enough how much you should indulge in this given the opportunity.
  • Meeting, recognising and having a lasting relationship with my perfect partner
  • A front cover design for any one of my novels by Andreas Preis
  • Top ranking book sales on Amazon for all my novels
  • A posture chair from The Wave Seat Company
  • Warm toes and fingers all year round
  • A villa on an Italian island

Now is that really so much to ask for?  I have reached the ripe age of half a century after all.

When it’s my birthday I also like to give as much as I receive.  And as this is a significant birthday I’m giving away a FREE extract of my short story series 6 Degrees.  To get the extract just click on the link below.  Happy birthday me.


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