Bring it 2017!

I managed to finish ahead of time
which was a small miracle to be sure

So last year I foolishly set myself the challenge of reading 100 books in a year.  I wasn’t really thinking clearly and the number 100 just popped into my head when I spotted the challenge on Goodreads.  

I won’t be doing that again because it was an almost impossible task and I hate setting myself up to fail.  Luckily, I didn’t fail but that was predominantly down to the help of my wonderful students.

I don’t do New Year’s resolutions, but I do try to do something different or learn something new every year if at all possible. This year I’m opting to do things a little differently.  I’m giving myself a very practical challenge combined with one I know is going to be filled with fun. 

So firstly I’ve decided that if I want to fulfil my ambition of eventually retiring to an Italian island I’d better improve on the smattering of Italian I currently possess:

Buongiorno, buonasera, grazi, signor, signora – all valuable words for obvious reasons

Allora – learnt from my wonderful aromatherapy masseuse Anna who hails from Rome, as does my other favourite Italian person, Elisa.

Baci – a necessary word for me as it features in my book Six Dead Men so I’d better know what it means.

Scarpe – even before I started tango I have always had a mild obsession with shoes.  I blame my mother for all my expensive habits.

Mmmm, as you can see, the Italian tutor whose class I’m due to invade is about to wish I didn’t exist.

Well, after I completely bamboozle the living daylights out of an Italian tutor I will need the comfort of reading to compensate for my poor linguistic skills. 

Learning Italian will no doubt involve much swearing and crying so laughter therapy will be required.  Therefore, my aim this year is to read every Pratchett ever written.  

I’ve read some of the Disc World series and quite a few of the Tiffany Aiken books.  But I want to try and tackle them in the right order.  So with the help of Sheffield friend’s son and his collection of Pratchetts, I’m hoping to do just that.

Naturally, in between all this I’m still planning on editing, completing and starting new novels.  Don’t worry, that’s still my main agenda.  And so you know I’m not kidding here is a list of my Works In Progress:

Palindrome* – The Prequel to Six Dead Men

Six Degrees* – short stories based around characters in Six Dead Men & Palindrome

When Rainbows Cry* – The sequel to Where Rainbows Hide

The Witch Adoption Project** – the sequel to The Lonely Dragon

So that’s it for my 2017 challenges.  I reckon that’s about enough to be getting on with for the moment. You can keep tabs on how I'm doing by checking out either my Facebook or Twitter page.

currently editing
** currently writing


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