Friday, 2 December 2016

Christmas Calling

If you’re a long standing follower of my blog you’re well aware of my views on Christmas and Christmas presents.  But if you’ve only just joined this happy band then please refer to the posts Christmas Cheer Episode 1 & Episode 2 of this blog to find out my true feelings on the festive season.

But now I’d like to get down to the serious business of discussing big store ad campaigns.  I’ve never really followed them much in the past but found myself inadvertently drawn in to the midst of the debate on which is the best one this year.

The first ad I spotted was by House of Fraser - this is the ad with all the dancers and the distinctly Thriller style dance scene.  That’s the main reason I noticed the ad.  

Ads in my opinion are an opportunity to get up and wash the dishes, make a cup of tea or pop some popcorn to enhance my sofa surfing experience.  But I spotted the musical reference (indeed a rare thing for someone as unmusically minded as myself) and thought, “The Christmas ad square-off has begun.”

At this point I knew there would shortly be a few more ads thrown our way now that House of Fraser had opened the floodgates.  So I eagerly waited for the supermarkets, and other high street stores to join the party.

The Aldi carrot offering didn’t do much for me, perhaps because I’m fond of carrots but am neither a horse, donkey nor reindeer.  Waitrose’s little robin battling its way through the wilderness to a mince pie in a suburban garden did get an Aaaah from me but that was about it.  

I was also rather underwhelmed by the Marks & Spencer offering.  I was sure they were going to give the others a proper run for their money.  And yes, it had a cute message and the very obvious motto that behind every great man is the endless hard graft of a brilliant woman. Duh!

The John Lewis ad caught me quite unawares.  I was feeling a bit blue due to the whole war in Syria, polar bears starving to death, Brexit & Trump and other world issues debacle when my eye was caught by the gambolling trampolining of a whole host of wild beasties, including a badger.  I’m particularly fond of badgers.  Don’t really know why, just am.  At any rate, by the end of the ad I was howling with laughter.  It really tickled my funny bone.  At that moment I was truly glad the advertising agency in charge of the John Lewis campaign had come up with this terrific concept.  It brightened my day no end.

So here for your delectation, and hoping it gives you that all over Christmassy buzz it gave me and still does every time I see this, is #BusterTheBoxer.

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