Published Again - I

I’m celebrating!


Where Rainbows Hide is now available to buy through Amazon

About The Book

It is a Science Fiction novel for young adults with a 19 year old protagonist at odds with her world and struggling to make important life decisions.  Neera Luxquaera still has no clue where her life is going.  Hopelessly drifting from one job to the next she finally applies for a job onboard a shuttle heading out on an expedition beyond her Domed world.   Will this last ditch attempt to find her niche in a fractured world finally help her see the rainbows she’s been searching for so long?


The great news is that I appear to be on schedule with all my republishing plans for this year. I reaped the benefits of joining The Alliance of Independent Authors immediately as I was able to gain valuable advice from members on their Facebook page.  But in particular, massive thanks to Ian Hooper who spent a whole morning on Facebook going through the financial ins and outs of Createspace with me.   He took a very panicked me through the process step by step, ridding me of my initial anxiety and in my opinion is a god amongst men.


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