Friday, 23 September 2016


Ever since Indie (formerly known as Autharium) closed down in February this year I’ve been trying to sort out the republication of the two books I had published through them.  I found myself hesitant and uncertain of which direction to take.  Should I once more tackle the traditional route or should I persist in my stubbornness and continue to self-publish?

I took the opportunity to rework the books I’d previously published and at the same time continued working on new projects.  But I know that deep down I’ve been dithering and feeling a little unsettled about the whole process.  After all, Indie had sorted out the two things which terrified me:  formatting the text and royalties.  I would now have to tackle these on my own along with front cover design and marketing. 

by Nathan Vidler

I’ve been extremely lucky in the front cover stakes.  For my first novel (Six Dead Men) a friend’s son used an image from his university work which suited the feel of the novel and he designed a brilliant cover for me.  

by San Jaya Prime

When it came to my Sci Fi novel (Where Rainbows Hide) I found a fantastic cover designer through the site Impossible

Artwork by Kids do Art

My children’s book (The Lonely Dragon) could not have been easier.  All I did was use the marvellous drawings the children from the Tooting based group called Kids Do Art and Louise Pearce at Inkhead helped me put the cover together.

Now I’ve finally decided to continue down the self-publishing path and relaunch everything, including a republication of a new and improved version of The Lonely Dragon, through Createspace.  This means that my books previously only available on Kindle will now also be in paperback albeit through print-on-demand.  This leaves me free to focus on learning how to improve my marketing skills while editing and finishing off projects I started last year. 

I finally joined ALLi and am already reaping the benefit of their wonderful experience.  I’m also currently following a publishing course run by Mark Dawson which is giving me vast amounts of insight into how the whole business operates. I can’t claim to understand everything he talks about, particularly when it comes to understanding the graphs on Amazon but I think it’s all taking me to where I want to go for now.

So the major news to take from this post is that there will be staggered launches of the following books in October:

Where Rainbows Hide
Six Dead Men
The Lonely Dragon

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the people who’ve been unfailingly supportive of my endeavours while I faffed about trying to decide what to do.  First of all, my wonderful writing pal up in Sheffield.  You know who you are.  Also special thanks to my terrific Facebook Street Team and my best London pal who lets me drag her to tango and any other diversion imaginable. 

Before and during the relaunch keep your eyes peeled for special offers both on Twitter and Facebook.

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