Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Exhibition Impressions

So Lambeth Council have presented an ‘exhibition’ of their plans for the future of Carnegie Library in the church hall of St Saviour’s on Herne Hill Road.  The word exhibition has been misused in my opinion.  The council have provided the community with poster boards which contain little more information than the leaflets of spin regularly pushed through my door.  So no change there.  I cannot even bring myself to provide a photograph of their display as it is so pathetic in my view.  But if you really want to see it you can take a look at the great pictures on Brixton Buzz.

Evidence my response card actually exists
To say I am angry about this is an understatement.  After all, it’s what I’ve come to expect from this borough’s handling of the whole abominable situation.  I’m now so distrustful of Lambeth and how they deal with the community that I even resorted to photographing my response card so that I have a record that it actually exists.

To compound my anger even further, earlier I read a Brixton Blog post by a young mum which encapsulates one of the problems I anticipated happening to the most vulnerable and isolated members of our borough.  For this young mother, Carnegie library was a lifeline.  And while Lambeth claims there are other libraries available to Carnegie users, it is plain to see that it is not working out as Lambeth envisaged.  They are merely alienating their voters and adding pressure to lives which are already heavy with the burdens of modern living.  

In response to Lambeth’s utter foolishness, the community are rallying round and have created a Pop Up Carnegie Library, hosting a variety of fantastic events during the two days of the ‘exhibition’.  This is being held in Ruskin Park.  If you’re in the area why no pop into the park to check it out.  Take the opportunity to do the user survey explaining exactly what you want from your local library and join in with the many activities on offer.

Our beloved Toot Toot Wendy has penned a poem about her feelings and has kindly consented to me posting it.  So here, in the words of Wendy are a summing up of what I personally feel about this whole mess.

Once Upon A Time

Above the hoots of cars
I stand and dream of revolution
Whilst tears of rain
Wash out the anger
And then someone hugs me
And warmth returns
To right a wrong made redundant

The gates of wrath dismantle
Those locked doors of insurrection
Baring faces young and old
Pressed against its steely bars

A saxophone sweetly soars
Alert to sounds of hope
Dispelling darkening sombre days
Unfolding odd planes of peace

Between one protest and the next
Pockets of life will intervene
From school to work to painted scenes
Reliving that which went before
To what is now an interlude

Whatever happens will be so
Whoever stays whoever goes
Somewhere sometime passers-by
Will stop and wonder what was there
In that space now unfulfilled

Only a stepping stone this verse of mine
A pause before the bigger size
Now a walkway made from weeds
Reaches up to catch the breeze
Wafting words from books to leaves
Uttering, muttering wreaths indeed

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