Carnegie Refugees 3

It seems a lifetime ago that we were forced out of our beloved Carnegie Library but it’s only been 2½ months.  We’ve more or less settled into The Cambria but it is not ideal for our club as it is first and foremost a pub.  This was made very evident when a session had to be hastily rehomed in lead tutor Caroline’s house (living room, garden and kitchen) as the pub was having its floors re-sanded.  Our residency at the pub is further threatened by the arrival of Euro 2016.  Then of course, once the football is done and dusted Wimbledon will strawberry and cream its way onto the scene.

We always knew The Cambria could only ever be a temporary solution and Caroline has been searching out alternative venues.  The best options have been narrowed down to a wonderful room in The Camberwell Bus garage or St Faith’s on Red Post Hill.  So we conducted our very own version of the IN/OUT campaign and voted for one of the venues.

Sophisticated voting
system employed -
written on the back
of an old envelope to
avoid vote rigging

It was neck and neck between the two venues for quite some time but due to late arrivals (Sean & Suzie) the vote shifted at around 7:48pm just before the match between Belgium and Italy kicked off.   So after the votes were counted (I assure you there was no vote rigging whatsoever and we have photographic evidence to prove it) St Faith’s won out as our new venue.

During all the disruption the students have been remarkably resilient and are managing to focus despite the many distractions around us.  The learning ethos still burns bright at Ruskin Readers regardless of where we are forced to park our pencils and worksheets.

Victoria Warne of LCF, the group who gave us our grant, has also been hugely supportive and the Adult Literacy Fund donors are insisting on aiding us further until all our rehoming problems are resolved.

To all those who have helped with our rehoming issues: The Cambria, Simon Parham for his generous donation towards rehoming costs, The Adult Literacy Fund donors, Julie Parham for finding the bus garage, Amanda Edwards for suggesting St Faith’s – we cannot thank you enough.

Simon Parham presenting his very generous donation to Caroline at The Cambria


  1. I hope St Faith's will be a lovely new home for the group. Was thinking I'd never have thought of a bus garage for a reading group - but reading happens everywhere so why not? And had you chosen that venue you might have been able to do some mobile groups on a bus .

  2. I know, a bus garage, who'd a thunk it. Apparently it's where they do training courses and there's even a bus driver's seat in it. Would have loved to have a go at that. Never mind, St Faith's it is. Let's hope we won't have to stay long at the church before Lambeth give us back our library.


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