Friday, 15 January 2016

Sharp Dark Things IX – Curly

This is my first post of 2016 and I feel it's appropriate that the year begins with one of my favourite characters from my opus in the making, Sharp Dark Things [SDT]. 

Sarah and I have have concluded our monthly meetings at a certain bakery in Islington. In the meanwhile I've been evaluating exactly what it is I want to do with the book when I've completed my edits on it and how I'm going to achieve my ultimate goal of getting it published as a graphic novel.

I've decided I'm too close to it and need to have it looked at with fresh eyes. So I'm getting it ready to send off to The Literary Consultancy.

But before I do that I thought I'd share another one of Sarah's drawings with you.  
And as ever, I continue to be amazed by how Sarah is able to put down on paper what I have in my head. Sarah, you are incredible.

The character Sarah has drawn for this post is Curly.

Yes, he's a goat. But that's not all there is to him. He's also Larell's friend and closest confidante.

You remember Larell right?  All round good guy who is totally smitten with Queen Aurelia.

Back to Curly – he's got a little secret only Larell and Queen Aurelia know about. But his secret means he has a great deal of insight into the human world. This is one reason Larell relies on him. The other is that Larell knows he can trust Curly absolutely.

Here's a little taste of the interaction between the two of them. Larell is particularly concerned about how various inhabitants of Faetaera are behaving in unusual ways. This discussion is about a depressed ice sprite.

 Well, I think he’s going to do something to himself.” Curly sat back on his haunches.

Larell’s head whipped round. “Do something! You don’t mean…?”

I do.” The goat nodded sagely.

This is just too much Curly. It’s …”

Curly and Larell spoke together. “Unheard of.”

I don’t have enough bodies as it is, now I’m going to have to find somebody to sprite-sit as well.” Larell took a deep breath. “So this is what it must be like, this constant anxiety.”

Yes, they spend a great deal of time and money on therapy.”

Larell looked Curly squarely in the eye. “You say ‘they’ so easily. Do you feel completely a part of us now?”

I do, and that is thanks largely to you.”

Shaking his head, Larell dismissed Curly’s words. “I didn’t do much.”

Curly made as though to speak but instead began munching at the corner of Larell’s desk.

To ease Curly’s discomfort Larell brought the topic back to the present. “I don’t suppose you can give me a time frame. That would really help.”

Curly shook his head from side to side while adopting a tragic expression. “This was one my horns could just not hone in on. I’m sorry to have to bring you more bad news. Word is things are going pear shaped every time you turn round.”

I’d say that’s a fairly accurate description of the situation Curly. Give my love to the family.”

Curly’s rump swayed as he exited. “Will do Larell.”
© Rae Stoltenkamp

Curly is one of my favourite characters and I love writing the sections he features in. Of course, my absolute favourite character is Sprax. I can't help being biased. I'd love to have my very own Sprax to help me when I'm tearing my hair out about how my writing is going.

Sarah's stunning artwork is in a folder by my desk and I'm dying to put it together in a tangible format to show everyone just how amazing it is.  I'm looking at the cost of this and considering a limited run because work this brilliant just has to be shared. 

If you've forgotten what she's done in the past then take a look at the SDT album on my facebook author page or the story board on Pinterest.

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