Friday, 27 November 2015

Plugged In

The full and weary life of this writer consists of:

  • Writing
  • Eating
  • Teaching
  • Sleeping

Yes, in that order.  So now you know what my priorities are.  But what about Down Time?  When do I get to have quality time with ME?

I’m not talking about the being pampered thing.  Not the massages or the foot rubs.  No, I mean doing things I love and enjoy either on my own or in a group.

Well, as my schedule is so varied and sometimes hectic I grab that ME Time as and when I can.  Travelling to and from teaching I always listen to the car radio.  Depending on my mood it’s either Classic FM or Magic.

Classic FM is for when I’m heading out to a new destination and relying on my ancient SatNav to get me there while hoping there are no road works or detours to confuse my geographically phobic self.  Yes I know I could update the SatNav but I keep hoping I’m going to win one of those snazzy new cars which already has one installed.

Magic is for my familiar routes when I don’t want to be left to my own thoughts – which usually turn to aspects of writing: characters, plot twists, themes, avoiding adverbs etc.  

My favourite DJ is Angie Greaves and I usually get the tail end of her show as I drive to various destinations.  I almost always sing along to this radio station so loudly that the vibrations could be used to power a small nuclear reactor.  Just as well for other motorists I usually have the windows up.  My current favourite song is 'Let’s Marvin Gaye & Get it On'.  If you haven’t heard this, then all I’m saying is, you’re missing out.

Incredibly, cooking works its chill out magic on me too.  Do you like that segue?  Totally intended.  At any rate, I love cooking.  I watch countless cookery shows and yes, I was as hooked on The Great British Bake Off as much as the rest of you.  

TV chefs I follow are: Jamie, Nigella, Mary Berry and Delia Smith because when I cook their recipes they actually turn out pretty much as they say they will. But the chefs who will always win out to these big names every time are my grandmother, my mother and the many wonderful friends who have shared their spectacular recipes with me over the years.  

The sad thing for me is that I’ve missed out on a great deal of my mother’s recipes.  I never had the foresight to ask her to write them down before she died.  But it’s only a momentary sadness because I’m constantly getting new recipes from friends and creating my own sacred collection of all these wonderful mixes.  So keep those recipes coming ladies and some gents too I might add.  Andy, still making that fish pie recipe you taught me at Salford uni.

So now you know two of the things I do in a bid to gather together my wits for whatever challenges my writing might bring my way.  But this is not where the ME Time ends.  There'll be more about how I recharge in next month's post.

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