Social Media & Me… again

So I’m talking social media again because it’s become a regular thing for me.  I now maintain my author page on Facebook on an almost daily basis and I’m getting a lot more confident about tweeting since the new phone came into my life.  Have even figured out how to add pictures.

But now I’ve got another site taking up my time and attention.  I mentioned I was researching social media sites to my friend and ex lodger, Olivia and she thought Pinterest would be perfect for me because I’m so attracted to unusual or striking images.

I was a little sceptical when I read the online info about it but signed on and began to play.  Then Chantelle Atkins mentioned in a Facebook post she likes it too because you can do storyboards and memes for novels you’ve published or are working on.  I had already created storyboards and was glad I was on the right track in my use of the site as a way for my readers to see how my ideas for novels come together in visual form.  Not only this, but in searching out images for these boards, I’ve come across great photos to use for front covers.  Case in point is the cover for my latest YA novel, Where Rainbows Hide.

Now however, I’ve begun to have even more fun posting boards on topics which are a little more personal to me. 

Guilty pleasures

Films I love

Favourite characters

I find I’m constantly on the look-out for pictures which might make it onto my boards when I’m doing research or having a general play around on the net.  I’m not that keen on the Pins the site tries to foist on me and rarely pin directly from them.  I’m happier pinning as and when the mood hits.

At present I’m following far more people than are following me, but this doesn’t faze me too much as I started out wanting to see where using the site would lead.  I’m very happy with the amount of pleasure I’m getting from it so my boards may as well be private as public.

The important thing for me is, it’s been a huge amount of fun and I certainly see myself maintaining my pins far more than I’m likely to tweet.  I’ve also added a link to my Pinterest page to this blog so my followers can get the chance to see a side of me they might not necessarily get from my posts.

My favourite board at present is the Guilty Pleasures one.  On seeing it I’m sure you’ll understand why.

You of course can decide which one you like best and let me know.


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