Friday, 3 July 2015

A Few of My Not So Favourite Things

In my pre-birthday posts I go to great lengths to point out all the things I want and like most. This is my bid to ensure I get the kind of presents I can truly treasure. And let me tell you – it works a treat.

To date I have

  • a very large tub of Nutella to get through
  • several wonderfully vibrant marking pens already in use – see my facebook page for evidence
  • 2 packets of Fairtrade coffee in the freezer

But as yet I've failed to mention what I'm really not so keen on. So, in a bid to redress the balance, I'm going to let you in on the little things which make me squirm; some, which I have no rational explanation for whatsoever.

I'm not big on cut flowers. Those cut stems make me consider the rapid decline I'm soon to see in these colourful gifts. They make me feel sad rather than brighten my day as intended by the giver. I would prefer these lovely blooms stayed firmly attached to the plant they grew on. I understand this may cause the collapse of the entire cut flower industry in one fell swoop but feel that the lives of the flowers are more important than international commerce.

I have an aversion to white trainers. I can't tell you why. I just do. I've never owned any and have refused to date men who do. Inexplicable.

And while we're on shoes I'd like to mention those platform heels people can hardly walk in. Don't really see the point of them to be honest. I mean, I'm partial to a high heel. I'm a tango dancer after all.

So give me a pair of Balenceo

over one of these any day.

I don't like brussel sprouts. Now, I'm of the eating faction who believes taste first hate later. I'll always try a dish placed in front of me regardless of what it looks like because as we all know – looks can be deceiving. With food this is particularly so. But I just can't do the brussel sprout. I've even tried the newer varieties which purportedly have had the bitterness bred out of them. 

My perceptive tastebuds think the scientists need to work on that one a bit harder.

Then there's drivers who don't indicate. Ironically, if they did, traffic would run more smoothly because other road users wouldn't have to play the game of psychic driver as they'd actually know where their fellow drivers are going or want to be.

Yes, unfortunately, this is really me

Finally there's the cold. Unless I'm in a climate where the temperature is over 23°C every day, I'm cold 24/7 and 365/12 because I have Raynauds Syndrome. I'm more or less used to it and carry gloves in my pocket at all times, have a supply of those nifty instant hand warmers and wear thermals practically all year round. But when I'm less prepared for a cold spell it makes me rather grumpy and messes with my innate sense of style.

This concludes my list of not so favourite things but I must warn you dear readers – there may well be a more extensive revised list next year.

But I'd be really interested to know what it is that bugs you. I'm talking about those tiny niggles which could lead to world economies collapsing or countries changing their national anthem to a Eurovision song.

So don't be shy. Share, please share.

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