Wednesday, 21 January 2015

The Dragon Project - Lift Off

By Mackie

In my life I've always been extraordinary lucky in that what I most need always comes my way at the exact moment I need it.

I'm hugely grateful for this, especially now as I pursue this precarious thing called Writing.

By Alexander

Out of the blue I got a facebook invite to the graduation exhibition of a friend's daughter.

Enter Anastasia Scudamore who reminded me that she ran an art club with her dad, Dimitri Scudamore. My brain started doing complex gymnastic moves.

My mouth opened before I could stop it. I asked Anastasia if she'd be willing to get her art club kids to do some drawings for the story and before I knew what was what, dragons were flying all over my living room.

By Izzy

Here is Anastasia with an art club expose.

"Kid’s do Art takes place on Saturday mornings from 10-12 at St Luke’s Community Hall in Battersea.

It was mainly my dad’s idea as he wanted to continue his love for art and teaching so he decided to start the art club. It was a perfect opportunity for me and my dad, as at the time, I was still at University studying fine art painting and I loved the idea of sharing my ideas and knowledge of art with the children.

I have been working alongside my dad for 5 years. Working with a family a member, especially my dad, is very inspirational and although we both have different styles, we bounce ideas off each other. I have studied Fine Art painting and I share my knowledge of contemporary art and artists as well as the past movements that have made art what it is today. So my dad is a pleasure to work with and I have also learnt new and exciting techniques that sometimes influence my own practice.

The types of projects we do each week include working from different styles, techniques, time periods, movements and artists. We explore sculpture, painting, collage, printing, observational drawing, figurative, abstract, perspective and many more. As well as teaching them techniques we also introduce them to artists and movements relevant to that style."

By Lilly

All the drawings created by the Kid’s do Art club can be viewed through my author page on facebook. But individual drawings will also be featured with the story and on this blog.

The Lonely Dragon is available to buy through Amazon in both paperback and e-book format. For those based outside the UK you can use the following URL to find it:

You can see what Anastasia is up to by checking out her website.

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