Annus Fantasticus

When New Year's eve came a knocking at my door I didn't have a moment's doubt as to what my New Year's resolution was going to be.

This is because for this year it's to keep doing exactly what I did in 2014.

The reason I came to this decision is down to the fact I've had an amazing year full of life affirming events.

Here are my top five:
  1. Working closely with Louise Pearce to develop new courses for Inkhead
  2. Writing the first draft of a new novel in one month
  3. Having a wacky photograph taken by Mike Pevsner which absolutely captures my neck and neck love of tango and writing
  4. Having an extract of my latest novel read at ARW4
Each of these events has opened up new aspects of me to me and I'd like to share this with you.

When Olivia first moved in I was simply thinking about helping a young person on a very intellectual level. What I didn't count on was the mix of friend/sister/mentor/psuedo-mum bond which would develop between us. I am truly enriched by meeting this young woman who is bursting with latent potential.

I started out working with Inkhead 3 years ago. Little did I realise how much this connection would satisfy a deep need in me to pass on the knowledge I have. Every single day I am reminded of the wonder of the world through the eyes of my students. They definitely go a long way to keeping my mind young.

Every time I mention that I completed the first draft of my latest novel Palindrome in a month I can't quite believe it myself. But I did. And it's opened up the idea for me that nothing is impossible. I didn't set out to write this latest novel in a month. It happened all by itself because I had a dream and wrote it down. But this seems to have spurred me to new levels of productivity.


In October I got an email invitation from Claire Loewe to participate in a fun filled photo shoot for Tango South London. My passion for tango is almost equal to that for writing though I will confess that writing is currently on top. None the less, any opportunity to give visual expression to my love of tango is something I'm going to jump at.

The first time I had work read at an Actors Reading Writers event just blew my mind. This second outing was no different.  When Zia Moher read my extract I got goose bumps.  Us writers scribble away in solitude and can only hope that our work has meaning for others.  Each time I've seen the reaction from the audience at the ARW events its made me more determined than ever to keep working at my craft.  Thank you Sue Lanzon for making it all possible.

So there you have it.  

And I'm certain 2015 holds more of these incredible events for me.  I plan on looking out for them and hope you have as many to look back on as I do.  

And if you're struggling to find them then why not keep an empty jam jar to hand.  Whenever something amazing happens in your life, jot it down and post the piece of paper into the jar.  I bet at the end of the year you'll be amazed how many good things life has to hold.

For the complete list of my life affirming events please see my author page on facebook.


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