Christmas Cheer - Episode 2

So dear readers, as you know, I launched my new Christmas regime on my unsuspecting family and friends.

Little realising that my wording didn't quite reflect the thoughts in my head.

When I was found dancing and singing round the Kitchen to Christmas songs on the radio as the festive season began, there was stunned surprise from my boyriend at the time.

I thought you didn't like Christmas”, he declared.

That's not what I said.” Astonishment from me.

Yes it is.” Emphatically.

The relationship ended. Not that day. But it was an inkling that communication was an issue.

It got me thinking however, if one person got it wrong then maybe others did too. I had failed to make my case clearly.

So, here's the deal people.


What I hate is the commercialisation of it, the decorations in shops about a week after the Easter eggs have left the shelves, the endless ads designed to get the little nippers nagging mum and dad for the latest crappy gadget which will break after just one use, the panicked emails about where and who people are spending Christmas and Boxing day with, the increase in traffic at psychiatrist's offices as they deal with people worried about not getting the turkey into the oven on time, the Black Friday insanity, the M&S/John Lewis/House of Fraser ads trying to outdo each other with schmaltziness.

You see – it produces a veritable soap box rant from me just at the thought. And I'm not a ranty person people. Just ask my friends.

  • I begin to decorate my house from the 1st of December. The very first thing I do is put the Christmas wreath on the door. There is a permanent hook placed there exactly for this purpose.
  • And from the first to the end of December, the Smooth Christmas station plays in my house and on my car radio every day. I also change the playlist on my Media player to the Christmas mix.
  • I dedicate one whole weekend to decorating the house and ensure that I share the experience with people I love and cherish.
  • I wear themed jewellery and would wear a Christmas jumper if I had one.
  • I spend as much time as I can with as many people as I possibly can and remind them that I love them big time. I just hope I don't get sued for excessive hugging in the future.

And all this costs me very little money. In fact, the majority of it is completely free.

But I'm still having a stonking great festive season.

So there it is. I hope, dear readers, this clears up the misconception about me as scrooge.


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