Organised Disorder

It always fascinates me that while I'm almost OCD about my filing and work area. I can be a total mess in some parts of my home.

I'm fastidious about the kitchen and bathroom.  

But a sort of clutter can accumulate in other areas, namely the living room, kitchen counter and my bedroom.

I sort of just forget to put away clean laundry or hang things over the chair by my dressing table instead of putting them back in drawers and wardrobes.

I also seem to sort of forget to hoover as regularly as I should.

Do I have some sort of split personality? 

This summer I've done more writing than ever. I have completed the first draft of a new novel in a month and a half. 

Yes, completed!

Thank you. The applause and fireworks are much appreciated.

And I put this down to the OCD side of my nature and reading stuff.

I read several things in June and July which may have prompted this side of me to emerge in all its crazy glory.

The first was the response I received from a question posed to Emily Benet when I interviewed her for my blog. 

The second was an post about behaving like a writer. 

The result has been:
  • the re-organisation of my work space
  • my word-count spreadsheet. A thing of beauty to my eyes in all its highlighted glory, though a devil of a task master. It demands a certain number of words per day and is exacting if I do not achieve this. Lucky for me this blog counts as part of my daily output!
  • a chapter plan for my new novel
  • a concerted effort to write first, research and edit later
  • a decision to publish 2 works a year with Autharium

And cor blimey has this borne fruit.

I've never felt so fulfilled in all my life. Well, okay, I'm exaggerating. There have been other times when I've felt like this but I can't write about that here.


  1. I remember a picture of the cups in your kitchen cupboard. :)

    1. I've had to loosen up a bit. My lodger has her cups in there all higgledy piggledy. My fingers itch to rectify it though.


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