Interview With A Poet I

While on a writing holiday in Skyros (2005), I made the conscious decision to leave teaching and become a full time writer. During this time I've attended a plethora of writing courses and have had the privilege to meet several fabulous poets.

One of these, Caroline Natzler, has graciously agreed to be interviewed for my blog. I met Caroline about two years after my decision to take my writing more seriously when I joined a writing class at City Lit. The large group environment didn't suit me. So I signed up for Caroline's privately run small group sessions.

Cover photograph: Nathan Vidler

It is mainly due to the critique and support I found in these sessions that I completed my first novel, Six Dead Men and began sending it off to agents. I had little joy in this department but as many of you know I subsequently published it as an e-novel through Autharium. Now the sales of my book have not made me millions. But the sense of pride and achievement gained are immeasurable.

Without the encouragement of Caroline and the group members I doubt I would have had the gumption to attempt such a thing. I am still writing up a storm as followers of this blog well know.

I am very privileged to have her as a teacher and mentor and take this opportunity to thank her in advance for agreeing to be interviewed.

Caroline's interview and a featured poem from her latest collection FOLD, will follow in an early November post.


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