Sharp Dark Things VII - Brairton

Now to introduce the villain of Faetaera. The enigmatic Brairton has everyone guessing about where his allegiance lies. He is skilled at manipulating situations.

"Brairton’s sultry voice interrupted Larell's thoughts “Once these creatures are captured they will need to be kept under lock and key. How else are we to ascertain exactly what they are? We don’t have the capacity to support a large amount of internment. Since the War to End all Wars we’ve never had to resort to incarceration of any kind."
A communal tinge of sorrow flowed through the chamber at this mention of the War.

Trust Brairton to put the hawk amongst the doves. I was hoping to leave this problem till later.” 
© Rae Stoltenkamp

It is clear to Larell that some Faetaerans fear Brairton.

Brairton’s cat eyes flashed in Larell’s direction and his whiskers twitched as he sat beside Mirasel. He occupied the chair with languid ease leaning over towards her. But, in a self protective gesture, Mirasel furled her delicately arched wings away from Brairton.

Mmmm, she mistrusts him.
© Rae Stoltenkamp

And then there were rumours during the war that he acted as a double agent. But nothing was ever proven.

Now, having seen Sarah's depiction, you can decide for yourself whether these rumours are true or not.

Faetaerans generally accept that his feline nature is central to his image of aloofness. Of course, he also exudes that quality of latent ninja-like power which all felines display. 

Faetaerans should however trust their instincts about Brairton. He has a very dark side.

Brairton’s minions slipped through a barely noticeable fissure. The tear would close shortly. Despite the increase in their regularity the tears rarely stayed open very long. To the three insidious spies, the stink of the new world was almost unbearable. But in time the triumvirate would each become so used to it they would scarcely notice it at all. That it poisoned them physically they did not know. Brairton was not in the habit of informing his operatives of fatal consequences. Their programming precluded any thought beyond the mission they must complete. In this Brairton had been exact and had performed the necessary rituals himself.
© Rae Stoltenkamp

And what Brairton's machinations do to those in Faetaera as well as in Alanna's family is almost irreparable.

Only the combined effort of Alanna, Sprax, Larell, Prince Elumin and Curly (a man transformed into a goat – more of him to come later) can save them all.

 With grateful thanks to Sarah Pennock for the drawing of Brairton and all subsequent illustrations for this blog. 


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