Thursday, 15 May 2014

Sharp Dark Things II - The Synopsis

I thought writing the novel was hard. I mean, it's taken me 5 years to get to this point. But let me tell you – doing the synopsis is hell. Figuring out how to synthesis 80.000 words into 300 and explain what the novel's central themes are along with the basic plot seems nigh on impossible.  

But it has to be done. I'm planning on sending the novel off for an open submission which closes in June. Not to mention a few other competitions and open submissions fighting for my attention.

The work of a writer after completing the novel is never done it would seem.

Of course, I also have to write a synopsis which will make agents, publishers and competition judges think my book is worth reading.


The re-ordered novel
In my bid to get to grips with the synopsis I spread the novel out on my living room floor and tried to view it as a map. This was useful as it gave me valuable insight into the structure of my novel. It also made me realise that I'm not completely happy with the structure as it stands. And once I made this discovery and re-ordered the book I suddenly found the prospect of the synopsis not so daunting.

As you can see, my prized highlighters feature quite heavily.

Of course, I could have done this using a sophisticated software package. But I've long since realised that I'm rather old school. I still have a diary even though I also maintain a Google calendar.

I think the physical act of wrestling with the pages of my novel helped me through a block I've had with the synopsis for ages.

So right now the synopsis is in its infancy but growing up fast.  And I think I'm just that little bit closer to getting a document that agents, publishers and competition judges might just like.

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