Sunday, 28 July 2013

The Writing Retreat

Tucked away in the village of Hassocks, near Brighton is my ideal writing retreat.
  • you won't find it in the ads at the back of any writing magazines
  • you won't find it online
  • you won't hear about it at a writing group
It's top secret and only open on specific holidays to a limited clientèle. To find your way on to this exclusive list mainly involves being friends with the owner of the property and the owner's cousin. Luckily I fall into both these categories. I then create various cock-a-maymy excuses for visiting this idyll as often as possible.

I think the owner sees through my plot but as yet has not objected too much.

And why exactly do I love this spot so much?


It involves spending time with one of my favourite people, Bev Cross, who I met on a writing holiday in Greece. Her fabulousness is so vast it cannot be contained in one blog post.  As with all things wonderful, she's particularly shy so I'm only authorised to show you a view of her disappearing into the distance.

This is not a good state of affairs Chris!


hanging out with her cousin, Chris, whose spice cupboard needs revision but whose hospitality and sense of humour more than make up for his larder's lack of All Spice.  And don't worry Chris, I haven't forgotten my threat to bring my own supply on my next visit.


getting to be around these two people for an extended amount of time is so sustaining because they share and understand my passion and commitment to writing.  


and not to be underestimated, eating astoundingly good pub grub and more cheese and crackers than should be humanly possible.

And last,

but by no means least, getting to spend time traipsing around The Downs and doing the variety of activities Sussex has on offer. I'm not taking the micky when I say this – I truly mean it.

It is always once I am back in the Big Smoke that I feel the true benefit of this little Sussex retreat. It was brought home to me even more by a recent blog post by Emily Benet.

How sad it is that people still devalue the worth of what us writers do.  And it made me value, all the more, the wealth of support I have around me.  Chris and Bev are only two of the wonderful cohort I get to call friends and family.


If I don't say it enough I apologise, but be assured, I value all of you and send you much love.

And surely someday there'll be a mention in a foreword and financial reward too when I finally publish and makes loads of dosh.

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  1. ah writing retreats are v good things indeed. and much valued, along with the unsung heroes who keep you going when doubt starts singing its siren tune...