Wednesday, 3 July 2013

ASc - Thomas You Doubter

This hastily put together blog comes to you because of a Doubting Thomas.

It has been made known to me that certain people, namely my good friend Sydnee, disbelieve the existence of the wondrous Neasden Temple's location smack bang in the middle of a council and industrial estate in the wilds of North London.

Sydnee is convinced that I was having one of my moments.  In her defense, I do have several of these and frequently, more than one a day.

But the blame for her doubt of course lies with me, as I failed to put in the crappy photos I took of that amazing edifice and opted instead to use more professional ones from the internet.

In light of this I'm forced to rectify the matter and show off my poor camera skills and insert several of my own "holiday snaps" for all to see.

So here for those doubters and disbelievers.

     As photographed by Rae...


               Please remember Sydnee - you forced me to do this.

Temple with traffic, street lights and bits of tree and a fair amount of blue sky too.  

Yes, this is England.  

Yes, this is North London.  

Spot the red bus.

Temple and railings.  

Notice how the vertical lines of the sharp edged railings accentuate the upward thrust of the Temple Spires.  I'm also particularly drawn to the yellow danger sign attached to said railings.

Temple and vacant lot

The expanse of concrete in the foreground adds to the vibrant feel I think.

So there it is people.


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