Memoirs of a Feline Familiar

 Witches & Dragons series – animal exposé

Jinx, Kastaspella’s cat, gives us the ins and outs of life as a witch’s familiar. A true insight into the difficult task familiars face on a daily basis when dealing with their very exacting humans.

Due for release early 2019


A timely exposé of the daily trials and tribulations faced by a witch’s cat.

A true insight into the stresses and strains of a support feline.” Kitty Paws, Familiar Support Advisor

J O Bastet is a celebrity feline 5 ¼ years into his 9 lives cycle. He is renowned for raising witches such as Kastaspella to new heights under his very individual care, allowing them to move in exclusive circles not even the Queen has access to. J O doesn’t need to name drop. A-list Celebrities clamber over hot coals to number among his acquaintances. And who in their right mind can blame them.

Adult humans are welcome to read this memoir but they are advised to keep their feelings about it to themselves. It contains subject matter best left to those with exceptional imaginations. Research has found that such adult individuals are declining in number, much like hedgehogs.

Names of the very famous have been withheld to protect the innocent, not so innocent and those too young to understand the implications of being implicated. There is also the fact that J O would prefer not to have another libel suit filed against him.


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