The Witch Adoption Project

Book 2 in the Witches & Dragons series

This sequel focuses on the consequences of Kastaspella’s actions in the first book in this fantasy series. The dastardly witch from The Lonely Dragon is punished by the Magic Council and forced to live life in the body of a 12 year old. She obviously finds this unfair and rails against the restrictions imposed on her. Trouble is brewing.

1st draft being bashed out now and due for release 2019


In the middle of nowhere

In a derelict house, in the middle of a stubbly muddy field, far away from everything and everyone; screams of frustration bounced off the abandoned bricks.  The screamer screeched and howled and tugged at her tumble of auburn hair till she had barely any voice left and her ripped out tufts of hair joined the larger than life dust bunnies around and under the broken furniture.  Then, clutching her backpack, she slumped down on a dust sheet in exhaustion.  Her eyes burned with tears she refused to cry.  All screamed out and scalp sore, she finally fell asleep.

A handsome black cat which had been communing with the moon during this earthquake of a tantrum now hopped down from the dusty window ledge.  He placed a gentle paw against the sleeper’s cheek before turning in a circle, then curling up against the curve of the sleeper’s belly. Within moments the gorgeous feline was fast asleep, a satisfied smile curling all the way up to the twitch of his ears.

 In a South London garden

Clarissa’s mind whirled with recollections: images, conversations and wondrous memories from her most recent adventure on Long Upon A Time World. As she potted some seedlings for her dad on the potting bench near his workshop she revised how she was going to tell the story to Aisha and Malachi. Brueberon, Vandabar, Mistress Castor-Fiber, Kastaspella. She’d have to explain about all of them and was convinced she’d never truly do them justice. Clarissa had been bursting to tell Aisha and Malachi all about it but wasn’t sure how Aisha would take it though. Considering the cast of characters and the events which had taken place from Aisha’s point of view Clarissa knew they seemed pretty unreal. Her friend had a very scientific mind and wasn’t into reading anything that wasn’t non-fiction. She regularly reminded Clarissa she needed to get her head out of a book and into the real world and always screwed up her face in distaste at school when they had to read a class novel. These were the main reasons Clarissa had hesitated in telling her all about it.

She suspected Malachi would be more inclined to listen to her tale and believe her every word. They had a shared love of graphic novels and often spent long hours thinking up alternative plots for their favourite characters. So Clarissa was gratified to see him heading towards her. Aisha was always late so they would have some time to talk things through and she could ask his advice about how to explain it all to Aisha.

His short dreads were bouncing up and down as he did a complicated football footwork drill across the grass. “Clarissa, guess what?”

“Um, you got man of the match.” She called out.

“That’s pretty close actually.” He reached her and without being prompted, began potting the remaining seedlings with her. “I got into …Academy.” He raised a potted plant high as though it was a trophy and did a little happy dance, startling Snookie out of his doze. The little dog whuffed and shuffled himself further under the potting bench to resume his napping.

“Malachi, that’s brilliant!” Clarissa beamed her joy at him but suddenly her expression shifted to a crestfallen one. “Hang on though. Does that mean you’re going to be boarding?”

“You’re quick Clarissa Henry. It’s the reason you’re one of my top buds. The place is brilliant. I mean totally brilliant. I was really nervous right but then…”

Malachi’s excited voice faded into the distance as Clarissa realised that a third of her friendship group was heading off to pastures new. She couldn’t help but feel some sadness because she wouldn’t be able to call him up whenever she liked and there wouldn’t be any more playdates at a moment’s notice.


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