My Favourite Things

As it’s my birthday month I’m going to indulge myself by telling you a bit about the 5 things which are guaranteed to put me in an exceedingly good mood and would therefore make excellent birthday presents.

There’s something particularly satisfying about watching an excellent film then discussing it in detail with an equally enthusiastic film goer. I often do solo cinema trips as not many of my friends share my taste in celluloid. The ones who do live a little too far away for this to be a regular option. So when it’s possible, I’m a very happy me.

Enjoying a great meal in the company of excellent friends is something difficult to top. Basically you’re getting a 2 for 1 deal. The well cooked food is there to be savoured and lingered over while the company is there to enhance the flavours. I’m blessed to share meals such as this regularly with ace friends. This birthday will be no different and there’s bound to be a plethora of these as I milk the fact it’s my birthday.

Reading a book, any book, usually puts me in a really good place. But when I discover a book that pulls me in, demands my attention and makes my brain whirl, then I’m way up in the clouds. I can’t get enough of this very simple pleasure. While I’m more than happy to receive a book voucher or two, I’m equally satisfied with owning a library card. So for my birthday I would truly love it if councils would stop closing down local libraries so I can continue to partake of this particular joy without having to travel out of borough.

Writing is more often a chore than not. It requires diligence and is a demanding so and so. During the day to day grind of it I’m always waiting for that one day when I’m so submerged in my task and the words are flowing from me in a seamless stream. When I emerge from a perfect writing zone such as this, having forgotten to stop for tea breaks or lunch and my feet are frozen from being in the draft for so long, then I’m imbued with a great sense of achievement. All seems right with the world and a peacefulness descends.

Receiving a great review is right at the top of my chosen gifts. It’s the best present I could ever receive as an indie author. Guaranteed to make me feel I’m on my chosen path to world domination, it leaves me on a high for days on end. This is where you come in because you can make it happen very easily. You can do this either via Amazon USAmazon UK or Goodreads. The choice is yours.

Go on, make my day!


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