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The prequel novella to Six Dead Men is due out at the end of this month. So what’s it all about?

Setting: Haddington, near Edinburgh, 1975
Main characters: Robert Deed & his burgeoning psychic abilities, Arthur & Rowena Deed and the murderer
Subsidiary characters: An Italian Chef, Luisa Pearce & the police

In Haddington change is a process slowed by tradition and the luxury of a certain distance from the swift progress of the rest of the world. On the cusp of adulthood, Robert Deed looks beyond a thing and sees inside it. It’s a trait shared with his all-seeing mother. No-one knows Robert’s strangeness better than his mother Rowena.  In her dreams she sees his future but knows she will not be there to see her son mature.  Pushing aside her sorrow at this knowledge, she instead focuses on giving him the tools he'll need to be a man of worth.

Robert’s 13th birthday approaches. But this birthday brings more than a coming of age celebration for Robert. He’s about to see the glint of Death’s scythe in the corner of his eye, even touch the honed edge.

Robert’s relationship with his father is a distant one. He doesn’t really know who his father is. The murder of a dear family friend is about to bring father and son closer than either of them could have foreseen.

Travelling the road towards his future, Robert must solve the murder of his first crush, battle his grief, and exonerate a dear friend. Is he willing and able? Can he truly trust in the so called inner wisdom of his instinct? More importantly, will his world let him?

Palindrome - coming 27 July 2018


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