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#Review: BLAZE by Devyn Jayse

A 4 star read
The main character, Vincent is living in the insalubrious world of the Blights with his younger sister Penny. They are orphans striving to survive in a harsh world. Vincent has his set of friends and a burning anger fuelled by the unfairness of the situation he is forced to live in. Suddenly a series of fires begins to engulf the district. People are afraid and accusations start flying.

This is an engaging read with good characters and well a created setting. I felt I was in the shady world of the Blights with Vincent. The idea of a divide between The Blights and The Town is made very clear to the reader. Vincent’s cohort of friends are interesting and the description of the bond between them is realistic as it also charts the scuffles which can often occur between a friendship group of boys or young men. Further suspense is created by pushing Vincent into a situation where he’s forced to prove his innocence concerning several fires which have been set.

Some minor issues for me: I wanted a clearer idea of how old Vincent is. I kept speculating, he also solves the mystery of who is setting the fires far too easily. This could have been drawn out even more.

Intrigue is introduced by the insertion of new characters. I wanted to know more and will definitely be looking at the rest of this series once my other reading commitments are over. A writer to keep an eye on I’d say.

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