Easter Surprise

So I’m launching another book this Easter. It’s a collection of vignettes related to characters from Six Dead Men and its prequel, Palindrome. I can’t call this a collection of short stories because in truth the pieces are really a moment in various characters’ lives. As these character snapshots link the two books in The Robert Deed series, I’ve decided to call it Six Degrees.

And how exactly did this collection come about?

Well, when you write a novel, peripheral characters often ask you to tell their side of the story.  At times their voices are so loud and persistent in your head that they are hard to ignore. This was indeed the case with characters from both Six Dead Men and Palindrome. So Six Degrees was born out of this. But it also grew out of my desire to play with the short story form while trying my hand at Flash Fiction. I’ve since sent two of the stories off to Mslexia’s annual short story competition and now have nails bitten down to the quick.

In these vignettes several peripheral characters tell the reader what they think of the Deed family (mum – Rowena, Dad – Arthur, son – Robert). Sometimes the Deeds get to say their piece too. For those who have read Six Dead Men and are intrigued by the hints there in – well, if you like to be tantalised, read the vignettes I say. Be warned – there will be laughter and there will be sorrow. Tissues are optional.

There is also an inkling of things to come in Palindrome (due to be launched Easter 2018) in which we will see Robert Deed as a young boy growing up in a town a short distance from Edinburgh, Scotland.

So, when you get your copy of Six Degrees, as one of my favourite poets would say: read it wid de whole of yu eye.

Six Degrees will be available to buy through Amazon from 
Easter Monday (17 April 2017 GMT)

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