Social Media & Me

Have I mentioned before that writing is a lonely business?

Of course I have. So to avoid feeling isolated us writers have to find ways to make it less so. One of the easiest I've discovered, apart from walking away from my laptop and leaving the house, is social media. It's a good way to meet other writers and like minded people.

Even though I've been on Facebook for quite some time I've only really been posting more regularly since I set up my author page. And since then I've discovered there are a wealth of Indie authors out there beavering away on their lonesome from dawn till dusk. And others from dusk till dawn. 

And I thought that rather than hide away in our ivory towers, we should band together and conquer the world. Mmmm – a bit of my megalomania creeping to the fore there. Let's move on shall we.

In a bid to become even more social media savvy I signed on to a Twitter workshop at SAF with Emily Benet at the beginning of April. 

As ever with Emily's workshops I came away chomping at the bit to give it a try even though I still felt a bit flummoxed by it all and wished the workshop had run for at least another hour.

So, it's about two months into the whole start of my Twitter experience and the jury is still out. My favourite medium at present remains facebook, primarily because I feel that Twitter works best if you're tweeting more often than I currently have time to. And being a semi Luddite, I don't have internet on my phone so am relying on tweeting from my laptop or Kindle when I'm at home. Since I'm an itinerant tutor I'm not home an awful lot.

Tweeting also involves an immense amount of editing to fit everything you want to say into those 140 characters. And being a somewhat loquacious being it's proving quite a challenge for me. But I think I'll persevere and see where it takes me because the big upside to the whole Twitter thing is that I'm following writers I've always admired. I get to know the thoughts of Chocolat's Joanne Harris and what Neil Gaiman's been up to.

I'm also working on my haiku skills so that I can squeeze all my thoughts into those 140 characters. So you never know, I might still blaze a trail through Twitter.


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