The Dragon Project – Artists In Tow

Now, for your delictation, I present:

The artwork for The Lonely Dragon with information about the talented artists.

Brueberon could see bright flashes like small zig zags of lightning 
at the windows of the room where Kastaspella mixed her potions.

Alexander is 7 and his favourite food is fruit. His least favourite character is Batman “because he's cheesy.” He would very much like to be Lloyd Minga.

Clarissa was 11 going on 12 and hated the fact 
that her hair was a big ball of fuzz...

Lilly, aged 8, loves grapes. Her least favourite characters are “the wicked witches from Stardust because they are so creepy.” She would most like to be a zoo keeper.

He sighed every now and then and every time he did so puffs 
of smoke like candy floss would drift from his nostrils and 
float high up into the sky to join the clouds already there.

Mackie, one of the youngest in the group at age 6, has donuts at the top of his list of favourite foods. Matilda is his least favourite character because he doesn't "like the movie." He wants, most of all, to be like Darwin.

It's really not easy to make friends when you're feared and 
loathed just because of the way you look.

Oscar is the same age as Mackie and adores sweets. He dislikes the character Vilgax from Ben 10  “because he is bad. He would also most like to be Ben 10.

"A dragon crying.” you say quite shocked. 
 "Why on earth should a dragon cry?"

Izzy, aged 8, is very partial to sausages but not so keen on the orcs from The Hobbit. She would very much like to be Harry Potter.

Vandabar was standing in the doorway. He was very tanned - a 
bright orange in fact, wearing an Hawaiian shirt and bright blue 
tie-dyed balloon trousers. Behind him trailed his suitcase.

9 year old Adam loves bangers and mash. He doesn't like David Walliam's Awful Aunty because “she is actually evil.” He would most like to be Steve from Minecraft.

Brueberon sat on the arm of the chair. “I'm so sorry Clarissa. I wish 
I knew what to do.” He hopped onto her dress and hugged her 
as best as he knew how. He'd never hugged anyone before so 
this was an experiment.

 Annabelle, aged 8, loves her mum's fresh pesto and can't resist a bit of chocolate. Miss Trunchbull from Roald Dahl's Matilda is her least favourite character and she would most like to be Honey Lemon from Big Hero 6.

Have you never had hot chocolate before dear fellow?” 
asked Mr Fieldmouse.

11 year old Grace loves mashed potato. Her least favourite character is “Voldemort because he kills lots of people.” She would most like to be Kate from The Mysterious

In a Long Upon A Time World of mystical creatures there 
lived a dragon like no other. He was huge, with a large puppy dog face


Alfie, aged 9, loves pizza but not Horrid Henry because "he's naughty."  He would most like to be Frodo Baggins from The Hobbit.

My grateful thanks to all the artists at Kids Do Art who made it possible for me to illustrate The Lonely Dragon.

And also thanks to Anastasia and Dimitri who agreed to my crazy idea.


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